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Najjar Foods LLC is a family owned business specialized in production, wholesale, retail, packing and export of Burghol, Kishk, Zaatar and Spices, as well as importing & trading in various kinds of pulses and grains. The expertise of Najjar Foods in the food industry dates back 3 generations in history where it started in 1944 as water-run mills and evolved into one of the main producers of Burghol and the largest independent family-owned, pulse retailers in Lebanon.
From the heart of Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, the "Najjar" name has been traditionally linked to excellence as our family has always strived to procure the highest quality ingredients in making the foodstuffs which we take pride in delivering to our long standing clientele.
Our quality premium products are a true reflection of the passion and dedication we put in every single step of the manufacturing process.

Najjar Foods aims at catering superior food products to exporters, wholesalers and retailers around the world.

About us

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We are Najjar Foods!

We have the experience and capability to fulfil your dry foodstuffs requirements for your home, business or customers in Lebanon and Worldwide.
Our Private Labeling service is ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified.
Our Retail Network continues to grow and we are open to franchising opportunities.
We give you peace of mind as a supplier and buyer.



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   Jdita, Bekaa - Lebanon

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