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Burghol is low in fat, high in minerals like manganese, magnesium and iron, plus it's a good source of plant-based protein Kishk is a powerful food, packed with protein, fibers, healthy dairy fat, live active cultures and complex carbohydrates. Lebanese Zaatar is a pure mix of Thyme (Zaatar), Sumac berries & sesame seeds – No Junk added! The taste is always adjustable to the liking of our various clients. Frikeh is roasted green wheat. Packed with fibers and protein, a great food for weight control


Organic Food

We are Najjar Foods!

We have the experience and capability to fulfil your dry foodstuffs requirements for your home, business or customers in Lebanon and Worldwide.
Our Private Labeling service is ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified.
Our Retail Network continues to grow and we are open to franchising opportunities.
We give you peace of mind as a supplier and buyer.


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